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How Gay-Friendly is St. John's?

St. John's is completely safe for gay couples and singles. By being a small city, the variety of venues and services dedicated to the LGBT community isn't as great as in bigger cities. However, St. John's residents are friendly and completely fine with gay people.

Where to Pick Up Gay Guys in St. John's?

Although there are gay-friendly spaces, there are very few places specifically aimed at the gay community. The Velvet Club & Lounge is the best one you're going to find. Located in Downtown St. John's, it is a very local but fun place to hang out and pick up men.

How to Make Gay Friends in St. John's?

With the lack of places destined for gays, we highly advise that you look for a gay friendship online. Join a local Facebook group or, even better, try looking at BromoDates.com, the largest meeting place for gay men in NL!